Welcome to The Deep Ones - A game made in 2 weeks for the 32Bit Jam 2022

We strongly recommend using a controller!
We also recommend downloading the game, particularly if you are using a PlayStation controller - the web version sometimes shows the XBOX buttons :(

Accelerate Boat
Reverse Boat
Steer Boat
A, D
Left Stick
Enter Shop / Start Fishing
Counter Fish Boat Tipping
W, A, S, D
Left Stick
Fishing Quicktime Events
Arrow Keys
A, B, X, Y
View Inventory
EscapeMenu (Start)
View Logbook
TabView (Select)
Spin fish model in Logbook
Arrow Keys
Right Stick

In a mysterious little town, inhabited by a strange tackle shop owner, the deep waters are stirring...
Explore the foggy landscape and try to fill out your fish species logbook. Purchase items and upgrades to help you catch stronger and rarer fish. But beware, these fish won't be caught without a fight - they may just drag you down with them!

Luka Pavlovich - Art (Main world / Shopkeeper / Fish), Game Design
ArtStation | Level Design Portfolio

Dom Lawlor - Programming (Gameplay), Game Design

Tim Day - Programming (UI / Game Flow), Game Design
Gamedev Discord | itch.io

Jake Archer - Music and Sound Design

Nicholas Kerr - Art (Shop / Boat)
ArtStation | itch.io 

Item icons (severely downrezed) from craftpix
Shopkeeper animation from mixamo
A small handful of textures from textures.com
Godot PSX shader from MenacingMecha

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Authorsbronxtaco, Splooka, dom-lawlor, Nickowiss
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Fishing, Godot, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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Enjoyed my short time with it, but frustrated with the seeming randomness of the inputs when fishing. Getting the slider dead in the center of green would often return "Poor" results, while missing wildly might sometimes return "Good" or "Perfect!" 


The sound design of the creepy areas is top-notch! I was constantly afraid something was gonna shoot up out of the water and oneshot me despite no evidence :P I wasn't quick enough to catch the mythic fish in the bone grotto, even with a full stack of buffs, and after ten tries I called it a night. Still, well-made!

I had a good time playing the game. I liked the aesthetics and mood especially. I managed to catch all but two fish by the end and had purchased every item in the shop. I kept trying to catch the last couple fish in the secret area with the bones and creepy music (because of the clue the shopkeeper gave me), but never managed to catch anything new. At a certain point I realized I would have to grind smaller fish to get the money for mythic fish bait/potions/etc and that's when I decided to stop. All in all, a fun time, but disappointed I didn't get to see the ending.

Nice stuff! Really enjoyed playing through this.