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This game was made for the Eggplant Jam #20 - the theme was Rhythm and Layers.
Due to time constraints this ended up as more of a tech-demo than a game, showcasing the barebones idea of a rhythm based roguelike platformer. Or to look at it another way, Necrodancer with gravity :)
(well its not really a roguelike right now, i ran out of time to add any items!!)

I will keep making progress on this, but will probably make a new itch page at some point - the name Boppin' Bots is very much a placeholder just for the jam. Feel free to join the Discord to follow along with the progress :)

Things that perhaps aren't conveyed in the game in this early stage:
- Fixed beat mode means you don't have to make decisions to the beat. The tutorial is fixed beat and you can play the normal game that way too, but once you are familiar with the controls I recommend playing normal mode as that is what is intended.
- Each beat you must make at least one direction input and/or one action input. The directions are up, left and down - and the actions are jump, attack and bomb.

*** Special thanks to garebear for letting me use bits of the random level generation code from a different game that we are working on together called Corvian Curse


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