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There's radioactive dust everywhere! The lab is a mess!! It's all up to the grumpy janitor, Herbert, to sweep it all up before those messy scientists get to work and give him the sack!!

Download the Windows executable version for an improved experience with higher density dust!

Nuclear Haste was made for Weekly Game Jam #267, with the theme being 'Dust'. Tim and I decided on a cellular automata style simulation for creating dust and lava. It was our first time trying this type of simulation and are quite happy with the result from one weeks worth of work.  The game was built using Godot with all simulation code living in the inbuilt GDScript language. 

We halved the pixel density for the browser version to make it run fast enough. However we've include the windows exe version with the normal dust resolution. Please try that version if possible.

Tim and I both had a lot of fun putting this together, and we hope you enjoy playing!!

All programming by Tim 'BronxTaco' Day and Dom Lawlor
Tims Gamedev Discord
Dom's Github

Music and voices by Tim Day


Most art assets from craftpix
Control button graphics from astralpixel
Sound effects are from freesound


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NuclearHasteWin 38 MB


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I like that there's controller support for this one too! (I prefer to play with a controller lol) It's a fun game, short, but enjoyable!


fun to play , good game :)