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Can you take the heat??

This game was an impromptu submission for Weekly Game Jam #266 - the theme was "Sunrise or Sunset". We put in roughly 25 hours of work and used it as a learning experience to get more acquainted with Godot. We learned a lot and had great fun making it, this was Tim's first ever game jam!!

All programming by Tim 'BronxTaco' Day and Dom Lawlor
Tims Gamedev Discord
Dom's Github

Chiptune track by Tim


Most art assets from craftpix
Control button graphics from astralpixel
Sound effects are from freesound
Female voice assets by AmeAngelofSin


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Nice one Garebear, now get back to Spelunky!!!

Here's my fastest time! If you can beat it post a pic here :)

Yo! Killer time GG!
Thanks for playing :)